5 Tips to Market Like a Leader, During Times of Uncertainty

Marketing is KEY


In today’s “new normal” created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be challenging to know how to strike the right balance when it comes to marketing. Many brands are keeping a low profile, waiting for a surge in consumer confidence before restarting their direct mail and email campaigns. However, it should be the opposite! You should instead Market like a leader!


The answer to this is a resounding NO! Your customers want to hear from you, and they need to hear from you. When everything around them is changing, they need to know that you are still there and that they can trust you. 81% of consumers say that their trust that a brand will do what’s right is a deciding factor in their buying decisions (Edelman, 2020).


5 Tips to market like a leader


In today’s uncertain world, marketing is more important than ever, even if it looks a little different than it used to. When crafting your next campaign, here are FIVE TIPS for setting the right tone. 


  1. Lead the way. During difficult times, people flock to leaders who exude confidence. Brands can inspire, motivate, and make people feel that everything is going to be okay. Continue to reach out using the theme, “We’re here to help.” 
  2. Do good. Consumers like to align with brands that are involved in socially responsible initiatives. Promote outreach programs to your local communities or your giving to national initiatives. For example, a SheerID study found that, during the pandemic, 68% of respondents want brands to donate to programs that provide direct support for medical workers.
  3. Offer to help. For many, this is a time of struggle. Offer deferred payments, ideas for lowering expenses, and so on. Even if your customers don’t need the help themselves, this kind of care and consideration builds brand equity that pays off in the long run. 
  4. Be an expert. This is a great time to share expertise that is meaningful to your customers. Think “Top 5 Ways to Save on Lawn Care” or “3 Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself.” 
  5. Make life easier. The average consumer is juggling a lot of uncertainty. Will the kids be going back to school? What if I lose my job? Position the benefits of your products in terms of how they can help your customers weather this storm. “Let us help you save 10% on your home electric bill,” or, “We’re offering FREE delivery of pool chemicals all summer long. Stay safe and stay home!” 


Brands like Signature Aspen can play a positive role in helping their customers through tough times. We have many things that help protect you from COVID-19 and more! During these times is where our Expert Team gets to work and gets what you want efficiently and in timely manner!


Being willing to change up your messaging tells your customers that you are paying attention… and that you care. At Signature Aspen we always will care and pay attention to the needs of our customers.


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QR Codes

QR Codes and 9 Amazing Statistics About Them in a COVID-19 World

QR Codes


Indeed, in today’s world social distancing and extra health precautions have become part of everyday life, consumers are embracing touch-less options for interacting with their favorite brands. Moreover, it is no surprise, then, that QR Codes are on the rise.


What are QR Codes


QR Codes are those checkerboard-looking boxes you see in places like direct mail, packaging, and posters that, when scanned using the camera on a mobile phone, take buyers directly to mobile-optimized content. According to a poll conducted by MobileIron, more than half of respondents (54%) have seen an increase in QR Code usage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than two-thirds (67%) agree that QR Codes “make life easier in a touch-less world.” 


In brief, many marketers know that QR Codes can take buyers to an online video or mobile landing page. However, many simply don’t realize that they can do much more. Here are NINE things you may not know what QR Codes can do!


9 QR Code Statistics


  1. Add a contact listing. Simply by scanning the QR Code, you can add someone’s full contact information directly into your phone. Great for business cards.
  2. Make a phone call. Scan the code and the phone dials for you. Perfect for direct mail, catalogs, and product literature. 
  3. Send a text. QR Codes can make text-back marketing easy. Use for nonprofit fundraising, sign-ups (“Text MORNINGS123 for today’s coffee specials”), and sweepstakes entries. 
  4. Write an email. Want people to email comments, suggestions, and questions? Use a QR Code to launch the email and pre-fill the address. Try on employee or customer feedback posters. 
  5. Make a payment. Use secure QR Codes to allow customers to make contactless payments. Scan the code and the phone does the rest. 
  6. Open a webpage. Send people directly to landing pages designed specifically for that campaign. 
  7. Create a calendar event. Add your seminar, lunch-and-learn, or presentation directly to prospects’ calendars. 
  8. Follow social media accounts. Make it easy for people to connect with you on social media simply by scanning the code. 
  9. Add a preferred Wi-Fi network. Great for hotels, cafes, and other places where you want to improve customer experience (CX) and make people feel welcome. 


How many of these uses would benefit your marketing right now? Let’s try them!


At Signature Aspen, we can help with QR Coding in different ways whether it be for your restaurant, building, or home, through post card, piece of mail, business cards, etc. that provide different kinds of DISCOUNTS. Also, be sure to visit our website, where you will be able to see many things we have to offer.


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Content Marketing

Top 5 Content Marketing Best Practices

Content Marketing Best Practices

You’ve heard people talk about the value of content marketing. It’s one of the most important ways that people find you. If you are delivering content via digital channels, prospects can immediately click through to learn more. If your content is being provided in print (offset & digital), this is often what drives them to check you out online in the first place.

Content marketing is not just for increasing visibility. It’s for establishing trust and credibility with your target audience, too. If buyers trust your content, they will trust your products.

5 Best Practices for content marketing

How do you get it right? Here are five best practices from the CMO Council, an online resource for chief marketing officers:

  1. Partner with credible + trusted sources. Unless you are an ad agency, writing direct mail, email, and other content likely isn’t your specialty. Stick to what you do best—your products and services—and work with specialists to create the content that will put you in the best light.
  2. Present authoritative, newsworthy, and enriched content. When it comes to creating thought leadership, “any old” content won’t do. It has to be accurate, relevant, and current.
  3. Produce compelling strategic insights. Don’t rehash information your audience can get elsewhere. Create fresh content that reflects your expertise.
  4. Add customer-contributed views + validation. Social proof is key to credibility. Add customer reviews, testimonials, and UGC (user generated-content) whenever possible.
  5. Engage qualified, verified, and predisposed audiences. The key to conversion is targeting the right content to the audience most likely to be in a buying mood. If you are selling home furnishings, for example, not everyone will need a new living room or dining set. Find the right targets—say, new movers or recently marrieds—and then put the right information in front of them. Your conversion rate will go way up.
  6. Be sure to tailor your content to the right channel, as well. The type of content you use in a direct mail piece will be different from the content you use in an email. Know your channels and how best to use them.

Are you using content to draw potential buyers into your sales funnel and convert them to happy customers? If not, how can we help you get started?

Contenting is an incredibly important weapon here at Signature ASPEN. We make sure to set our goals and speak to our targeted audience and engage with them for the best service! For more information, please visit our website


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Direct-Mail Top 11 Eye-Popping Stats


11 Direct-Mail Eye-Popping Stats

When it comes to ROI, some channels are just more effective than others. Knowing the effectiveness of each channel puts you in control. For example, did you know that one channel has an open/read rate of 42%? Or that recipients of content sent via this channel purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more than those who do not? Which channel is this? It’s direct-mail. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Here are nine more statistics about direct-mail that you should know.


41% of direct mail recipients look forward to checking their mailboxes each day. (Source: Gallup)


73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct-mail because they can read it whenever they want. (Source: Epsilon)


Direct-mail offers a 29% return on investment. (Source: Marketing Charts)


Consumers aged 45-54 are the demographic group most likely to respond to direct-mail pieces. (Source: Data & Marketing Association)


80–90% of direct mail gets opened, while only 20–30% of email does. (Source: United States Postal Service)


Only 44% of people can recall a brand immediately after seeing a digital ad compared to 75% of those who receive direct mail. (Source: Marketing Profs)


Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than email. (Source: Ipsos/Canada Post)


Brand recall is 70% higher for consumers exposed to direct mail ads than to digital ads. (Source: Ipsos/Canada Post)


30% of Millennials say that direct mail is more effective at getting them to take action compared to 24% who say the same of email. (Source: Direct Marketing News)


Think direct-mail is a marketing rock star? We do, too! Talk to us about creating your next direct mail campaign.


Editor’s note: Thanks to Small Business Genius for compiling many of the stats cited here.


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