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What’s Another Name for Personalized Print Marketing?


What’s another name for personalized printing? Relationship marketing! This is an approach that uses personalized printing to focus on nurturing long-term customer relationships rather than pursuing just the short-term sale.


How does this work?

Say you are a family-owned hardware store. Typically, a customer walks in and does his/her shopping. You’re available to answer questions and recommend products. You are hoping that your excellent service, quality merchandise, and expertise will maintain the customer’s loyalty. You might have special promotions or discounted merchandise in a bin at the front of the counter as well!


What might this look like if you decide to add Relationship Marketing?

It looks a little different. Each time a customer walks in, you smile and greet them, but you also ask if they would like to be on the mailing list for your newsletter “Tips for Shop & Home.” If they say yes, you collect their name, address, and additional information, such as whether they rent or own, have children and their ages, and any specific home needs such as a garden, pool, or workshop.


Personalized Newsletter

Once a month, you send out a personalized newsletter addressing each customer by name. You customize the content, providing weatherizing tips, suggestions for ongoing home maintenance, and relevant offers based on what you know about their property. If they garden, for example, you might offer planting tips and discounts on seeds, berry bushes, or garden mulch. If they have a pool, you might offer winterizing or seasonal opening tips.


Deeper Connection

To deepen the relationship, you find other opportunities to engage your customers, as well. This might include an occasional customer survey, feedback form, or contest (such as best recipe using home-grown vegetables or DIY project). This makes each customer feel valued and more deeply engages them with your store. While at the same time giving you more information to further personalize future mailings.

That’s relationship marketing—and it’s one of the opportunities that makes personalized print so powerful.

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3 CRUCIAL Steps in Supporting Your VIRTUAL EVENT

Supporting Your Virtual Events

As if virtual meetings and remote offices weren’t changing enough, businesses are now adapting to virtual events! What does marketing a virtual event look like? Does the fact that your event is virtual, change how you promote it? Should all of your marketing be digital to match? The answer is NO! When it comes to marketing and promotion, most of the physical elements, including direct mail, signage, and promotional items remain the same. Heres why:  

  1. You are still promoting an event 

Whether the event is in person or virtual, raising awareness, presenting the event’s value, and collecting sign-ups requires a multichannel approach. You still need a combination of direct mail, email, and social media, to raise awareness and get people to register. 

If you held the event last year, you can generate excitement by adding highlight videos to your event page. Also, you could have people access highlights directly from their brochures or direct mailers via QR Codes or augmented reality. Send them to speaker bios! Give them a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Once people sign up, stay PROACTIVE. Follow up with direct mail and email “save the date” reminders, as well as branded promotional items from you and any sponsors or advertisers. 

  1. You need supporting materials

Even when your audience is watching from an auditorium or a home office, you must brand your event. For example, the area behind your presenters should be branded to your company, sponsors, advertisers with curtains, signage, or other graphics. Use branded backgrounds or screensavers to stay in front of attendees on their laptops and mobile devices, as well. 

Virtual events don’t have to mean boring and constant. Keep attendees engaged with pop-up polls and questionnaires. Use breakout rooms to facilitate in-depth and small-group discussions. Use interactive tools so participants can ask questions, request product information or samples, and engage with you! 

  1. Follow-ups are critical

Throughout the event, use interactive tools to engage your audience.For example, gather data, respond to requests for presentation kits, packaged items, and marketing collateral. Post-event reminders like branded pens, desk calendars, and t-shirts remind attendees of your event and keep your company top of mind. 

Virtual or In-Person, your event should be marketed effectively using a multichannel approach. Maintain branding before, during, and after the event. Have a digital and physical follow-up plan to provide deliverables and keep your participants engaged long after the event is over.



Marketers Identify Their #1 Priority in the Next 5 Years


Marketers #1 Priority

If you had to name the top priority for marketers today, what would it be? If you said creating a positive Customer Experience (CX), you’d be right. Indeed, everybody wants to increase sales. However, without a good customer experience, that’s difficult to do!



Positive Customer Experience (CX)

CX is your customers’ perception of how you treat them and what it’s like to do business with you.Consequently, CX is influenced by everything, the types of marketing your company engages in, your willingness to honor their channel preferences, and how they are treated by salespeople inside the store.

Importance of CX


To understand just how important CX really is, Super Office surveyed about 2,000 marketers. They asked them to identify the top priority for their businesses in the next 5 years. As estimated, CX came out on top. It even beat out products and pricing:


  • Customer experience (46%)
  • Products (34%)
  • Pricing (21%)



Improve your CX

When you look deeper, you can see why. A study by Price Waterhouse Cooper, found that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great CX, and the more expensive the item, the more they are willing to pay. Customers are willing to pay a price premium up to 13% for luxury and indulgence services simply by receiving great CX.

How Can You Improve your CX?

  • Create a consistent brand experience from one channel to another. Ensure that your brand colors, images, and messaging are consistent regardless if they’re interacting with you through email, social media, mobile, or the web.
  • Personalize your mailings to ensure that your communications are both relevant & interesting.
  • Use highlight color and design that make it easy to find information like, contact numbers, payment information, and addresses.
  • Be sure to ask and honor customers about their channel preferences for communications.
  • Use high-quality materials for your print communications. Use color, special coatings, and high-quality papers that makes customers feel special.


Creating a positive customer experience has never been more important. Marketing communications can be an important tool of achieving this goal. At signature Aspen, we believe in that whole heatedly. Be sure to visit our website or Contact Us!


5 Tips to Market Like a Leader, During Times of Uncertainty

Marketing is KEY


In today’s “new normal” created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be challenging to know how to strike the right balance when it comes to marketing. Many brands are keeping a low profile, waiting for a surge in consumer confidence before restarting their direct mail and email campaigns. However, it should be the opposite! You should instead Market like a leader!


The answer to this is a resounding NO! Your customers want to hear from you, and they need to hear from you. When everything around them is changing, they need to know that you are still there and that they can trust you. 81% of consumers say that their trust that a brand will do what’s right is a deciding factor in their buying decisions (Edelman, 2020).


5 Tips to market like a leader


In today’s uncertain world, marketing is more important than ever, even if it looks a little different than it used to. When crafting your next campaign, here are FIVE TIPS for setting the right tone. 


  1. Lead the way. During difficult times, people flock to leaders who exude confidence. Brands can inspire, motivate, and make people feel that everything is going to be okay. Continue to reach out using the theme, “We’re here to help.” 
  2. Do good. Consumers like to align with brands that are involved in socially responsible initiatives. Promote outreach programs to your local communities or your giving to national initiatives. For example, a SheerID study found that, during the pandemic, 68% of respondents want brands to donate to programs that provide direct support for medical workers.
  3. Offer to help. For many, this is a time of struggle. Offer deferred payments, ideas for lowering expenses, and so on. Even if your customers don’t need the help themselves, this kind of care and consideration builds brand equity that pays off in the long run. 
  4. Be an expert. This is a great time to share expertise that is meaningful to your customers. Think “Top 5 Ways to Save on Lawn Care” or “3 Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself.” 
  5. Make life easier. The average consumer is juggling a lot of uncertainty. Will the kids be going back to school? What if I lose my job? Position the benefits of your products in terms of how they can help your customers weather this storm. “Let us help you save 10% on your home electric bill,” or, “We’re offering FREE delivery of pool chemicals all summer long. Stay safe and stay home!” 


Brands like Signature Aspen can play a positive role in helping their customers through tough times. We have many things that help protect you from COVID-19 and more! During these times is where our Expert Team gets to work and gets what you want efficiently and in timely manner!


Being willing to change up your messaging tells your customers that you are paying attention… and that you care. At Signature Aspen we always will care and pay attention to the needs of our customers.


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