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Relevance: The Key to Success in Personalized Printing Campaigns

The ability to tailor documents with precision, incorporating variables like gender, income, and geographic location, holds immense potential in print and email marketing. But savvy marketers know that data points, by themselves, don’t make communication effective. So what does? Relevance.


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5 Reasons to Invest in Personalized Print Over Time


There is no doubt that getting a quick boost in sales feels amazing! However, the biggest profits come from long-term customers who provide recurring revenue over time. This is particularly true when it comes to investing in personalized print. Here are five reasons to focus on recurring personalized print programs rather than “quick hit” campaigns:

  1. Build relationships

To establish a relationship with your customers, you need to get to know them. No one-off campaign, no matter how successful, can do that.

  1. Learn about your customers

At the beginning of a campaign, you make educated guesses about how your customers think and act. As they respond, you learn more about them. This allows you to modify your messaging, offers,  and calls to action to generate the most impact over time.

  1. Generate more revenue

As you learn which campaign elements are most effective at motivating your customers, your campaigns will be more profitable. More refined campaigns translate into higher response rates, higher conversion rates, and increased ROI.

  1. Maximize investment

Setting up your first personalized print campaign requires an investment in time and money. By developing programs rather than one-off campaigns, your set-up costs are amortized over the life of the program. Therefore, as costs become amortized, your ROI per campaign goes up.

  1. Program value is proven

Unless you are the president or owner of the company, chances are you had to work with a team of others to make the initial decision to deploy personalized print communications. Each time you run a one-off campaign, you end up going through the entire process again. With programs, you have the freedom to refine and maximize your efforts without having to re-prove their value each time.


Programs allow you to develop and refine your marketing strategy over time and take advantage of the value of relationship-building. One-off campaigns can produce great short-term results, but the highest profits come when you invest in long-term programs instead.

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What’s Another Name for Personalized Print Marketing?


What’s another name for personalized printing? Relationship marketing! This is an approach that uses personalized printing to focus on nurturing long-term customer relationships rather than pursuing just the short-term sale.


How does this work?

Say you are a family-owned hardware store. Typically, a customer walks in and does his/her shopping. You’re available to answer questions and recommend products. You are hoping that your excellent service, quality merchandise, and expertise will maintain the customer’s loyalty. You might have special promotions or discounted merchandise in a bin at the front of the counter as well!


What might this look like if you decide to add Relationship Marketing?

It looks a little different. Each time a customer walks in, you smile and greet them, but you also ask if they would like to be on the mailing list for your newsletter “Tips for Shop & Home.” If they say yes, you collect their name, address, and additional information, such as whether they rent or own, have children and their ages, and any specific home needs such as a garden, pool, or workshop.


Personalized Newsletter

Once a month, you send out a personalized newsletter addressing each customer by name. You customize the content, providing weatherizing tips, suggestions for ongoing home maintenance, and relevant offers based on what you know about their property. If they garden, for example, you might offer planting tips and discounts on seeds, berry bushes, or garden mulch. If they have a pool, you might offer winterizing or seasonal opening tips.


Deeper Connection

To deepen the relationship, you find other opportunities to engage your customers, as well. This might include an occasional customer survey, feedback form, or contest (such as best recipe using home-grown vegetables or DIY project). This makes each customer feel valued and more deeply engages them with your store. While at the same time giving you more information to further personalize future mailings.

That’s relationship marketing—and it’s one of the opportunities that makes personalized print so powerful.

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5 “Best in Class” Marketing Elements

“Want to be the best? Compete with the best.” That’s a powerful saying, whether it be in sports or business. Here are 5 marketing elements used by top marketers around the world that you should definitely be using! Let’s dive in!

5 “Best in Class” Marketing Elements

1. Break Down The Silos

You can’t use your data if you can’t find it. Also, if it is scattered across your systems in silos. Top marketers centralize their data into a single marketing database, so they have everything all in one place. This includes data from events, CRM, website activity, email marketing, online and offline commerce, and digital marketing. It contains data from channel preference centers as well. Finally, once it’s all in one place, it’s easier to analyze, update, and use. 

2. Clean It Up

Data is not useful if it’s out of date or simply just wrong. Regular data hygiene (including using CASS, NCOA) is the practice of top marketers, and it should be for you, too. “Normalizing” is the next step. Normalization ensures that each record has the same information, and that all fields are handled the same way. For example, some customers may be listed as last name, first name, middle initial (“Jones, Sally E”). Others might be a salutation, followed by first and last name only (“Mrs. Barbara Smith”). Normalization makes all of these fields consistent. If fields are missing, you can fill them in.

3. Improve Your Data. 

Once data is centralized, cleansed, and updated, top marketers can see what information they have and where enhancement can benefit them. Add additional demographics, behavioral data, and third-party data such as interests. The more you know, the more relevant you can make your communications and offers. 

4. Personalize as Much as Possible. 

The top marketers in the world use their data to improve their targeting and personalization continuously. Whether using segmentation or full personalization, they seek to understand customers both individually and as larger customer groups. Using design templates can help flow targeted information into layouts quickly. 

5. Test and Track. 

Top marketers track the results of their efforts, do A/B testing, and use the information they learn to refine their campaigns and improve their results over time. Once you know what works, you can do more of it. 


Looking to integrate the strategies of top marketers into your next campaign? Visit our website or give us a call!


Custom Vinyl Banners

Custom Vinyl Graphics are some of the most cost-effective forms of advertising for your company. Signature Aspen is here to help your office stand-out with a variety of options. Whether you are looking for a single color cut out of your logo, or a full digital print to cover an entire wall, we have you covered. Many offices choose this style of advertising for the flexibility and being able to perfectly match your brand, making their space unique to them.

A Few options or ideas would be:

  • Your company logo (full color or single color)
  • A company slogan, manifest, motto or vision statement
  • Beautiful eye-catching artwork: geometric, abstract, photography, etc.
  • A simple motivational or inspirational quote for your staff
  • Interior wayfinding/ directional

Whether you want a more dramatic entrance for your office or want to reinforce your brand and identity, we are here to help you stand out in Houston. Our in-house graphic designers and vinyl experts to bring you some of the best designs and installments for you. So you can have the space you envision, faster.

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