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QR Codes and 9 Amazing Statistics About Them in a COVID-19 World

QR Codes


Indeed, in today’s world social distancing and extra health precautions have become part of everyday life, consumers are embracing touch-less options for interacting with their favorite brands. Moreover, it is no surprise, then, that QR Codes are on the rise.


What are QR Codes


QR Codes are those checkerboard-looking boxes you see in places like direct mail, packaging, and posters that, when scanned using the camera on a mobile phone, take buyers directly to mobile-optimized content. According to a poll conducted by MobileIron, more than half of respondents (54%) have seen an increase in QR Code usage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than two-thirds (67%) agree that QR Codes “make life easier in a touch-less world.” 


In brief, many marketers know that QR Codes can take buyers to an online video or mobile landing page. However, many simply don’t realize that they can do much more. Here are NINE things you may not know what QR Codes can do!


9 QR Code Statistics


  1. Add a contact listing. Simply by scanning the QR Code, you can add someone’s full contact information directly into your phone. Great for business cards.
  2. Make a phone call. Scan the code and the phone dials for you. Perfect for direct mail, catalogs, and product literature. 
  3. Send a text. QR Codes can make text-back marketing easy. Use for nonprofit fundraising, sign-ups (“Text MORNINGS123 for today’s coffee specials”), and sweepstakes entries. 
  4. Write an email. Want people to email comments, suggestions, and questions? Use a QR Code to launch the email and pre-fill the address. Try on employee or customer feedback posters. 
  5. Make a payment. Use secure QR Codes to allow customers to make contactless payments. Scan the code and the phone does the rest. 
  6. Open a webpage. Send people directly to landing pages designed specifically for that campaign. 
  7. Create a calendar event. Add your seminar, lunch-and-learn, or presentation directly to prospects’ calendars. 
  8. Follow social media accounts. Make it easy for people to connect with you on social media simply by scanning the code. 
  9. Add a preferred Wi-Fi network. Great for hotels, cafes, and other places where you want to improve customer experience (CX) and make people feel welcome. 


How many of these uses would benefit your marketing right now? Let’s try them!


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