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5 Tips Using Print & Digital Communications to Build Trust

Never has trust between customers and brands been more critical. As e-commerce continues to grow, both for health and convenience, a gap is growing between brands and their customers. Trust bridges the gap. Here are five ways you can use your print and digital communications to increase the level of trust you have with your customers.

  1. Be transparent

Be honest about your intentions with the communication—don’t bait and switch. Buyers are very smart. They know when you’re real with them.

  1. Show you care

The more you show that you can relate to your customers’ concerns, the more trust you gain. That’s why empathy has become such a massive trend in marketing. Look at the success of home meal kits. Of course, advertisers promote the great taste of their food, but they also focus on helping families reclaim time out of their over-scheduled days and use meal preparation as a way to spend quality time together.

  1. Deliver on your promises

Things like money-back guarantees, free trials, and “no questions asked” returns, are one way to assure buyers that your promise matches what you deliver.

  1. Emphasize reliability

Promote the results of customer service surveys showing high satisfaction rates. For example, “95% of our customers would recommend us to a friend.”Also, include customer testimonials and online reviews as part of your print and digital layouts. If other people had a good experience, this increases buyers’ confidence that they can trust you, too.

  1. Segment based on values rather than demographics

Buyers in the same demographic categories often have similar priorities and needs, but when your goal is building trust, marketing to a prospect’s values can be more effective. Another example, if you are selling children’s toys, target your message based on the shared value set of being active, involved parents rather than simply being parents of school-age children.

Especially in times of uncertainty, use your communications to convey consistency, transparency, and empathy. It’s a different approach than the traditional direct sell, but it’s highly effective. Especially during times right now.

Source: Drawn from survey results of “Global Marketing Trends” (Deloitte, 2021)

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Top Reasons Consumers Open Mail

The more you know about why the mail gets opened, the more you can tweak your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Recipients’ top reason for opening any direct mail piece is that they are interested in the products or services you offer. But did you know that there are other reasons that recipients open their mail, too? These include:

  • Having a positive view of the company.
  • Seeing reading direct mail as a leisure activity.
  • Seeing the production quality (printing/images/paper) as exceptionally high.


Add personalization on top, and you have a potent combination! Why? Personalization increases the chances of your mail being relevant to the recipient. For example, If you know someone’s age and marital status, you can use profiling to assign them to a life stage that gives you insights into their buying habits and needs. Likewise, if you know that a customer regularly buys books by a particular author, you can alert them when that author releases a new title.

Direct Mail

Studies have found that recipients also open direct mail pieces because they have a positive view of the company. This tells us that regular, ongoing branding plays a key (if indirect) role in sales. When you invest in branding campaigns, even if you aren’t selling anything in those campaigns, this increases the likelihood that the recipient will open your direct mail piece. Even if the recipient does not have an interest in the product at the time, if they like your brand, they are likely to check out the offer anyway.

Production Quality

Want to increase the effectiveness of your direct mail even more? Studies have found that adding high-quality printing, imaging, and paper quality can increase open rates as well! When a piece is of very high quality, recipients feel obligated to open it and see what you have to say.

Combine these with personalized messaging, and your marketing pieces will have incredible stopping—and converting—power.

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Trade Show Success And How To Maximize It!

Trade Show Success

When you are displaying at a trade show, you’ve got one shot to breakthrough. In fact, the show may last a weekend, or even a day! NEVER miss any opportunity to engage with potential customers! For example, eye-catching displays such as booth banners, backlit displays, and floor graphics are an amazing start. Without further ado, here are five other factors that impact your success. 


  1. Pre-Trade Show Marketing

Attendees only visit about 5% of the exhibits in a trade show. Getting them to come to your booth starts before the trade show even opens. For Starters, here’s what you should do: 

  • Set up a strategic Direct Mail and email
  • Start a Social Campaign to create interest well in advance


  1. Focus on People First, Logistics Second. 

Logistics are critical to trade show preparations. It is very important to ask questions like, “What products will we take?” “What displays will we use?” “How will we handle transportation?” Invest an equal amount of time (or even more time) crafting smart and practical strategies for attracting the right people.  


  1. Make your Trade Show Booth Irresistible

You have only a few seconds to capture the attention of attendees before they walk by. 

  • Use big bold images, simple messaging, and lots of white space to make messages stand out from a distance.
  • Incorporate all of the senses, not just the visual ones. If you sell gourmet coffee, fill your booth space with the scent of brewing beans. If you sell fitness programs, CRANK UP THE MUSIC!
  • People remember what they interact with. So use product demos, touch-screen technology, videos, and other tools to get visitors to engage with you actively. 


  1. Emphasize Demonstrations 

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research found that, the number one reason attendees remember a booth long after a show, is a “product demonstration.” If your product doesn’t lend itself to booth demos, use flat screens, tablets, or other interactive tools.


  1. Plan for Follow-Ups. 

Scan badges, let visitors sign up for sweepstakes, or create an interactive game that requires them to register. Which ever way you do it, follow up with visitors after the show, and keep the conversation going. 



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